Happy Frustrated Monday all…

The Chiefs blew a perfect opportunity to steal one from the Patriots this weekend. I don’t put all the blame on him, but what happened D. BOWE??  You make one great TD catch and then the second time you let one bounce off of your hands?  In my opinion any time a ball hits the receiver in the hands he should make the catch… especially if they call thyself “The Show”. See more of what I thought about the game in Game 1 Chiefs vs. Patriots – What I think…

In case you missed it, or if you just want a refresher don’t forget to Watch Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots Highlights I am somewhat happy that the Chiefs put up a fight in this game, but I will not be content with that. When you have a chance to win the game late that is exactly what you should do, regardless of the circumstances.

During the game Brodie Croyle got hurt, as did Tom Brady and he is reportedly out for the year. Sorry Tom, And to anyone that says that was a dirty hit, you are WRONG. Pollard was being held down and was just trying to make a play for his team. If you want to talk about dirty hits go talk to Rodney Harrison. Also, maybe if Belichick would have read the letter I wrote to him Brady would still be playing, I know it wasn’t the foot that got him, but you can’t argue that if he didn’t play he wouldn’t have been injured.

As for as the webisodes last week we released Brick Hits: Episode 5 and it was in a new audio only format. In Brick Hits: Episode 5 – Virgin Podcast Brick and I covered the Chiefs final roster moves, previewed the game against the Patriots and named our “Tool of the Week” and “Tool of the Preseason”. I really suggest giving Brick Hits a listen, I think the new audio only podcast works a lot better.

As usual a new Brick Hits will be released on Tuesday or Wednesday this week and I encourage all of you to give it a listen and let us know what you think. There will be lots of topics to cover this week and I don’t know what all of them will be, but I can guarantee you that we will talk about the Chiefs loss to the Patriots and name a Tool of the Week.

And just like last week I am going to throw out a shout for Nick over at IWS Sports Blog and his contest. If you would like a chance to win an Xbox 360 and a copy of Madden 09 don’t forget to check out I’m Writing Sports Contest. Win a Xbox 360 and Madden 09!. This is a real contest with lots of prizes. The prizes include an Xbox360, autographed memorabilia, and some betting lines, courtesy of BetUS.com, Sports Memorabilia.com, and Harlequin Frenchies.

Good Luck (for you and me) :)

Go Chiefs!

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