The Final Whistle – Post Game Thoughts: Chiefs vs. Chargers

Hope everyone had a great weekend, sorry for the delay on the Final Whistle. I want to start off this week talking about how excited I am that Herm went for two. Sure the Chiefs lost yet another close battle, but the confidence that he showed in his team is going to have long term effects. I know you may think that the Chiefs didn’t have much to lose sitting at 1-7 and on the verge of 1-8, and you are probably right. Though Herm showed confidence in his young team, and as a young player in the NFL that has to be a great feeling. With the defense down and out, he put the game in the hands of his offense and better yet his young quarterback. Which I think is safe to say was the right decision, and one Herm would later say that he would make 100 out of 100 times.

I still can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face at the Chiefs rapid improvement, for the first time this year I was on the edge of my seat screaming at the T.V., praying for a Chiefs win. Not a win for you and me, but a win for our team in the red and gold. For those young players who have yet to experience much success in the NFL. I remember after the Carolina game when I went on and on about wanting to see more heart from the Chiefs, and these last three games they have showed me more than enough. Herm does deserve some credit for getting his team up and ready to play week in and week out, especially considering the circumstances. These last three games the Chiefs could of very easily won, with a play here and a play there we would be feeling a lot better about our young team.

I am starting to believe that Tyler Thigpen could be our diamond in the rough. I would like to see him get some wins before the end of the year, and I firmly believe that he will. He has really but a shot in the right arm of this offense, as well as the whole team. If he can continue his sold play I believe he is exactly what this team needs to win not only now, but in the future. One of the things that I have been most impressed with is his poise throughout the course of a game, he never gets to high or to low, qualities that are hard to find in a young quarterback. I have to admit that I have been having fun watching these young Chiefs lose these past three weeks, because I know we can only go up from here and the future is looking bright through these Chiefs fans eyes.

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