Monday Morning Thoughts…

Happy Monday everyone…

This game was exciting for a while but still ended with the Chiefs losing to the Saints 30-20. This one was over much earlier than in previous weeks.

(I’m gonna sing at least one more time) “Gettin’ Thiggy with it, nah-nah nah nah nah-nah nah!” Tyler Thigpen played another good game yesterday. Thigpen did have the one late INT but when its fourth down you have to try to make a play because you are going to give the ball back anyway, so I don’t really blame him too much for that one (although I wish he could have got more on it as Bowe did have the CB beat). He gave the Chiefs a chance to win and that is all you can really ask for.

Chiefs QB Situation: I’m getting a Thigpen jersey!!  Okay, maybe not (yet) but so far each new game has helped Thigpen raise his chances to be the Chiefs answer at QB, at least for next year. The rest of the year will tell…

BTW I did actually see a guy with a Thigpen jersey on at the game yesterday, he jumped on early, I hope it was for the right reasons.

BIG PROBLEM FOR THE CHIEFS: Pass rush. The Chiefs need to figure out how to get some pressure on the QB. If they don’t pressure on the QB it doesn’t matter how good out two “Brandon’s” are because even the best corners can’t cover someone forever. Right now a pass rushing DE looks like it would be a great choice with our first pick next year. (Right now I’m still sticking with DE or MLB)

Now some news about this site:

For now we are putting the Brick Hits Podcast on hold. This doesn’t mean they are gone forever (unless you want them to be) but for now it is “taking a break and seeing other people”.  I am trying to get Brick to do a weekly article for us here so maybe I can get him going on that this week.

Well, that is all for this Monday morning. I hope you all have a great week and that we can see a Chiefs victory next Sunday.

Go Chiefs!

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