Chiefs vs Bills: Matchups to watch

Here are some matchups from the upcoming Chiefs/Bills game at Arrowhead that I think will be important when determining the outcome of the game (or if nothing else they will be fun to watch!)

Marshawn Lynch vs Chiefs Rush Defense: Marshawn Lynch hasn’t been the back that a lot of people thought that he would be this year but he is facing a Chiefs defense that is #31 against run. Yes, that is #31 (not 32) because they have actually held their last two opponents to under 100 yards rushing.

Chiefs Pass Offense vs Bills Secondary: The Bills secondary will be “spread thin” this week aginst the Chiefs new offense.  This could be good news for the Chiefs and maybe they can turn a few of those FG’s into TD’s this week. PUNCH IT IN GUYS!

Larry Johnson vs Bill Rush Defense: Can LJ get back to the LJ of old?  He showed spurts last week aginst the Saints but the Bill will be a much tougher test for him. Also, LJ appears to be a little rusty, like maybe he is picking some wroing holes to run (check this out)

Trent Edwards vs Chiefs Secondary: Trent Edwards apprears to have no confidence right now and if the Chiefs want to stand a chance they need to keep it that way. Some QB presure would REALLy help in that area.  It’s possible the Chiefs could return a few key members of it’s secondary this week (such as Branden Flowers) that will do nothing but help the Chiefs. The Chiefs secondary has been getting lots of INTs recently and look for that to continue here.

Chiefs Special Teams vs Bills Special Teams: The Chiefs have been playing average at best special teams as of late, and really need punter Dustin Colquitt to return to his old self (that would really help in the field position battle). The Bills are know to get good special teams play and for the Chiefs to win this battle they will need their ‘A’ game.

Well, there you go. If the Chiefs can win most or all of these battles then they should stand a great chance to win this game. Go Chiefs!

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