Monday Morning Thoughts…

Happy Turkey week Monday y’all…

The Chiefs managed to find a way to score 31 points in a game and still get blown out… how does this crap happen? While I am happy with the progress of the offense the defense is just flat out horrible right now. I thought yesterday’s game was suppose to be a step back in the right direction since the Chiefs were getting a lot of their injured players back… obviously I was DEAD WRONG.

Tyler Thigpen: He had a couple picks which lead directly to Bill’s scoring drives, but also had three TD passes.  We all knew he would do this is some game soon, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Thigpen didn’t let the INTs get to him and came back out to let the Chiefs down the field for some more scores. I think that is important thing for a young QB to have. Thigpen should be just fine.

Gunther Cunningham: If you have been reading my blog you know that I have been talking about the Gunther situations for a while.  Some of you questioned it, but I am just curious how you feel about it a month later while getting the same, if not worse results. The Chiefs gave up a franchise worst 54 points to the BILLS! The Bills also were allowed to gain 444 yards.  Like most others I am having a hard time finding a scenario where Gunther will be back for next season.

Is it a coincidence that as I am typing this that Leona Lewis’s “It’ll all get better in time” is playing on the radio??  I sure hope she is right…

Now some news about this site:

As I’m sure you have noticed by now (since you are here reading this) I have changed the theme here at KC Chiefs Football Blog. What do you guys think?   Do you like the change? Do you like the old one better?

Also, one of the things I was trying to do was to improve the loading time of the site. So I made a few adjustments so hopefully the site loads a little faster for you now. This seems to be a really weird problem as only some people seem to have this problem. Either way I would really like your feedback so I know where to go from here. (Leave a comment on this page or you can hit up through the contact page).

Well, that’s all for this Monday. Hope you guys have a great Turkey week!

Go Chiefs!

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