Monday Morning Thoughts…

Happy Victory Monday y’all… Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

The Chiefs managed to find a way to score 20 points in a game and still get beat, er win? This may surprise me even more that the Chiefs “only” scored 20 points and still managed to pull out a win than last week when they scored 31 and found a way to lose.  Either way I’ll take a win here.

Tyler Thigpen: If you would have told me before the game that Thigpen would throw for 162 yards, no TD’s and one INT then I would have thought for sure we would lose. This is great though, Thigpen showed that for one, he could actually win a game (something Croyle never could do) and two, that he could win a game without his best performance. These are two qualities that are good to have in a QB.

Chiefs Defense: The Chiefs defense actually played a decent game. The main thing being they didn’t give out in the 2nd half/4th QTR like they have been for the last I don’t know how many weeks.  Now, I know this was the Raiders, but you have start somewhere, right? Derrick Johnson showed up this week looking like a super star… I sure with Gunther could get him to play that like all the time.  Got to give some props to Maurice “the new Brackenridge” Leggett. He played a very solid game yesterday and as much as he gets picked on we will need more of that in the future.

Overall good week Chiefs fans, enjoy the victory week and in case you still don’t believe it, YES, we actually won! :O

Now some news about this site:

As you know by now, I have changed the look of the site here at KC Chiefs Football dot com blog. Of the people that did leave feedback all of them seemed to like the new look (as do I) so I think we are going to roll with it.  Also, the loading time should be much better on the site as a few adjustments were made after I did the last Monday Morning Thoughts… I actually did a post a post about the changes that can be viewed here:Changes to KC Chiefs blog

Well, that’s all for this Monday. Hope you guys have a great after-Turkey week!

Go Chiefs!

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