How do the Chiefs beat the Broncos?

I was just thinking how bad I want the Chiefs to beat the Donkeys, er Broncos, this weekend so I decided to come up with what I think the Chiefs have to do to beat the dreaded Denver Broncos.

Run, run run: The Chiefs need to establish the running game early against the Broncos and keep pounding the rock until Denver proves that they can stop it. There was a reason LJ ran 28 times for 198 yards (and that the Chiefs rushed for over 200 yards as a team), and it’s not because Denver is good at stopping the run.

Control the clock: This goes hand in hand with running the ball. If you can successfully run the ball it keeps the clock moving and keeps Denver (most of the time) high octane offense off of the field. Simply, if the Broncos don’t have the ball then it makes it really hard for them to score.

Turnovers: The Chiefs need to be at least one up on the Broncos in the turnover category if they want to stand a chance. Denver’s offense has been able to pick up yards in bunches in the past and the last thing they need is a short field.

Big plays: The Chiefs defense and special teams needs to bring its ‘A’ game here and not allow Denver to have any big plays (long TD runs, long TD pass or long kick returns). Even if the Chiefs can employ the ‘bend but don’t break technique’ and hold Denver to field goals instead of TD’s that would be great.

If the Chiefs can do all of this then I think they stand a very good chance to win this game and finally break the Invesco field curse…
What do you guys think? Will the Chiefs beat the Broncos?

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