Monday Morning Thoughts…

Happy non-Victory Monday y’all… Hope you had a solid weekend.

Well, the Chiefs are back to breaking our hearts once again. Losing always sucks, but losing like that just blows hard. Honestly I wish I was surprised by that, but I wasn’t at all… it’s just how the Chiefs roll now I guess.

Tyler Thigpen: Thiggy had a pretty good game going19/28 171 with 1 TD and 1 INT. The INT was really a back breaker though and it was right after a Chargers turnover, when you get a gift in the NFL you need to cash in on that and not give the ball right back. With all of that said Thigpen is still looking like a possible QB of the future for the Chiefs.

Chiefs Defense: The defense was actually having a good day… until late in the game, when it mattered most.  The Chiefs had some sacks in this game, caused turnovers and were holding their own, I don’t know what happened late but they need to fix this late game crap. If the Chiefs could actually stop somebody late in the game who knows how many more wins we could have this year. I really hope this doesn’t turn into a bad habit (if it hasn’t already).

Herm Edwards: Showed why his time management skills are not coveted (and probably never will be). He burned two timeouts way to early in the game and did not have them when he needed them. Having two (or even one) timeout on that final drive could have meant a closer field goal for Barth. I’m not saying he would have made it, but barely missing a 50-yarder when time expires tells me that if it was even 5 yards closer that might have hooked it.

Now some news about this site:

Check out this post on the Best part of going to Chiefs games now? and weigh in. In that article I explain why I can still swallow going to the games and would like to hear your reasons as well.

Well, that’s all for this Monday. Hope you guys have a great week!

Go Chiefs!

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