Game DayThread – Game 16: Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

So here is the final game of the year… game 16:

The Chiefs are 2-13 after their stupid loss to the Dolphins at home. As far as the NFL games this could be the weakest game on the schedule, but this game actually could  have  great implications for the playoffs division race 2009 NFL Draft (at least for the Chiefs).

For the Chiefs to have a chance in this game  one of the keys for them will be to make sure their running game gets on track early (and if we get a lead RUN THE BALL and the clock) and Thigpen needs to keep playing like he has been since we went to the spread (since going to the spread Thiggy’s QB rating is pretty good). Just don’t blow it if you get a lead, Chiefs.

One thing I am worried about in this game is the fact that the Chiefs are playing on the road… I read that the Chiefs are 1-9 against the spread on the road in their last ten games… BTW the Chiefs are a three point underdog this week.

(Slipping on the RED colored glasses) Looking at this from a positive perspective, if the Chiefs can get that running game going, cash in their red zone and TO opportunites, and the defense stops them every onnce in a while I think we have a shot here. The Chiefs MUST win the turnover battle and CASH IN on the TO’s they do create if they want to stand a chance. That’s a lot of “IFs”, but the main thing I am worrid about is the 2nd half. IF the Chiefs actually jump out to lead I want to see them actually close a game out… is it Thiggy, Herm, or a combination of the two that just can’t keep a lead?

As always please post any comments, pictures, or whatever in the comment section below before, during or after the game. If you see something that you hated (or loved) let the rest of us know!

I’ll be yelling from my seat on the couch this week, hoping very much for a Chiefs victory in this FINAL GAME… ( I think I want a win… but a higher draft pick than the Rams would be nice too)  its been an interesting year Chiefs let’s try to finish strong!


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