Monday Morning Thoughts…

Happy non-Victory Monday y’all… Hope you had a solid weekend. I know I had a very nice (5-day) weekend! :)

Well, the Chiefs suck and I for one and just glad that the suffering is finally over. Losing always sucks, but losing like that just blows hard. Honestly I wish I was surprised by that, but I wasn’t at all… it’s just how the Chiefs roll now I guess.

Tyler Thigpen: Thiggy play yesterday left more to be desired, but if you look at his body of work as a whole you have to be happy with what he was able to accomplish this season. I truly believe that without Thiggy at QB this team might even won one more game and probably would have actually set a TON more of the all-time worst records that they managed to avoid

Chiefs Defense: The defense just sucks. With the improvement that the offense is shown I am leaning toward spending our top choice on a defense player (if one is there that is worth the pick). This defense needs help and I will be curious to see what Mr. Hunt and King Carl whoever is the GM will do to address this glaring weakness.

Herm Edwards: Odds are that we just saw Herm coach his last game as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs…  I like you as a person, motivator and comedian Herm, but not so much as a head coach anymore. I wish you the best wherever you end up.

Now some news about this site:

I have been slacking off on creating post here and plan to start amping up more original content as the playoffs are here (no Chiefs) as well as the 2009 NFL draft. This should be a fun draft to follow as the Chiefs have not had a pick this high in a long time.

Well, that’s all for this Monday. Hope you guys have a great week!

Go Chiefs!

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