Todd Haley Interview and More About our New Head Coach

Todd Haley: Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs
Most people that I have talked to about Haley being the 11th head coach in Chiefs history and very excited about this, but of course there are those that have their doubts, such as Haley having no playing experience in the NFL. Check out what Bob Gretz has to say about that:

Here are the facts: Haley is now one of 22 NFL head coaches who did not play pro football. That’s right, only 10 of the current team leaders played the game at that level. Three of that group played in Canada, or had a very short cup of coffee in the NFL: Tom Cable, Mike Smith and Sean Payton. The seven coaches who actually had NFL careers were: Dick Jauron, Gary Kubiak, Jeff Fisher, Ken Whisenhunt, Jim Zorn, Jack Del Rio and Mike Singletary. Only Singletary is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his playing career.

Now, something that I do find interesting is that Haley has never competed at football from even a high school level.

So, not playing in the NFL and becoming a head coach in the league is not an unusual situation. But Haley is unusual in this fact: he didn’t play college football either, or high school football. As much background as can be gained from team media guides and NFL publications, he would be the only head coach in ‘09 who did not play football. Among the other 31, all had some sort of college football playing career

Does this worry me? Not really. Look what he did at Arizona as the Offensive Coordinator. Plus Haley has worked his way up from the bottom and that show that he is very determined and has a very business-like approach. If Todd Haley fails here as a coach (I don’t think he will) it won’t be because he didn’t play high school football.

Now here is a video of Mitch “voice of the Chiefs” Holthus interviewing Todd Haley.  (There is a full-screen option if the video is too small for you) Enjoy!

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