NFL.. soon it will all start again!

It doesn’t seem like last year that the last season of the nfl was going on… honestly where has the time gone (im quite worried here)? But I guess the good thing is that soon the nfl will be hitting our screens with another season… just a couple months to go even if it does mean I’m getting older!

I remember last season was really great… In fact last season was the first time I bought a nfl football game for the PlayStation which I played with my brother (it took me a while to learn the controls… well to be honest I wasn’t very good at all right the way through the hwole season.. maybe thats why my brother kept on beating me and the good teams I played with didn’t do so good) and before each game we would set up the teams that would be going up against each other and we would see who could win.. and then would be rather surprised that what happened on our play station game was what happened in reality… though in our Superbowl match my brother ended up winning with the Sea hawks… I hope we didn’t jinx the Broncos there?

Anyway I will be soon getting into the blogging swing of things very soon with all the latest on the Kansas chiefs… dont expect much news on any other teams in the nfl as to me there is only the Kansas chiefs worth posting about.. sorry guys! haha

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