Chiefs vs Texans: Likes/Dislikes

Here is what I liked and didn’t like about the Chiefs 2009 Preseason Opener against the Houston Texans:


Brodie Croyle: Croyle actually looked like a legit QB yesterday. He had nice zip on the ball, threaded the needle, and even took a hit or two and manaaged to get up quickly. Kudos to the second string O-line for protecting him as well, they looked pretty solid.

New Arrowhead: Although it is not 100% complete yet the ‘new Arrowhead’ looks very nice. The new replay video boards are awesome, along with the wider concords and flat screen TV’s everywhre. I managed to get saome HD video and quite a few pictures, so be on the lookout for a post in the near future.

Rush Defense: During the first drive the rush defense looked pretty good. There were a few misteps but overall I would say I could see improvement.

Two Sacks in ONE game: Even though Maurice Leggett is the current sack leader for the Chiefs, the Chiefs were able to get some presure on the quarterback and get two sacks in a single game. I know the bar is set really low for them right now, but considering the 10 total sacks in ONE SEASON last year I would say this is someting to be happy about.

Dwayne Bowe: Even though it was against the second string defense Bowe looked very solid. Also he didn’t speak to reporters after the game. Is this a new D Bowe?

Ryan Succop: Nailing a 47 yard kick with no time left in rainy conditions makes me very happy. I hope this wasn’t a fluke.


Kick Returns: No one really stepped up to the challenge this game; it was medocroer at best.

The Rain: At first it was a nice light sprinkle.. but then it started. I woke up this morning with cold chills still.

Felt like last season: I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but something about this game (esp mid to late in the game) just felt like last season. I was expecting bigger ang better things I guess…  BUT I have decided I will reserve judgement on this until the Chiefs play a game that matters in the standings.

Brodie Croyle’s Intentional Grounding: This was just a mental air and should be easily corrected. Other than that he had a solid game.


Matt Cassel: It seems like the coaches wanted to ease Cassel into it this game. 2 for 5 for 15 yards… Eh…

Third String OL: Seemed like Thiggy was running for his life, but sometimes I think that is how Thigpen likes it.

Since I was able to list more positives than negatives I will be happy for now and I will try to remember that this is ‘only preseason’. Also,  I thought Cory Mays, Andy Studebaker and Jackie Battle all had very good games and chalked one up on the “why I should make this team” column.

What do you think?

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