Game 1 Chiefs vs. Patriots – What I think…

This game just frustrated me…  Some people will say they are pretty happy with this performance because they held their own against the Pats, but right now I don’t feel like I should have to settle for that. Here is what I think about the game.


Branden Albert: He looked very impressive, especially considering the circumstances. He didn’t play all preseason and had to come out and face a VERY good Patriots D-line.

Young CB’s::I could have missed it, but I didn’t see Flowers or Carr get burned bad on any passes. They are showing that the game is not too big for them.

Devard Darling:Finally Darling decides to show up and it couldn’t have been at a better time. It didn’t really matter in the end but his big 68 yard catch set the Chiefs up with a chance to score and send the game into overtime.  If only he was a little bit faster.

Forcing Turnovers: The Chiefs Defense was able to force two turnovers against the Pats.  If they keep winning the TO battle eventually it will work itself out.

Jamaal Charles: Charles is so fast, and he knows how to use his speed. He was looked like the best Chiefs running back against the Pats and his stats back it up: 5 carries for 28 yards. That is  5.6 yards/attempt.

As always there were also a few things that didn’t impress me so much.


Dwayne Bowe: I really like D Bo, but in my opinion he cost the Chiefs a chance to steal one from the Patriots. I’m not sure how many drops he had ( I counted at least 3 or 4), but when a ball hits you in the hands you should catch it. And that includes the possible game tying TD catch that bounced off his hands.

Rushing Defense: The top two rushers for the Patriots, Morris and Maroney, each had 10 carries and rushed for over 50 yards each. That is giving up 5 yards a carry… not good!

Special Teams:The Chiefs allowed a big return and their returns were not too impressive. The kickoffs were also pretty short. I still think that we should have kept Barth over Novak, he appeared to be at least as accurate and his kickoffs were longer… what gives?

Offensive play calling: While the play calling seemed a lot better than last year, that is not enough for me. There were way too many what we call “predictable runs” on first and second down. What happened to the playaction pass?

Jon McGraw: Why was he playing safety so much?  He seemed to be a liability in pass coverage, which makes me wonder if somebody was hurt. And if somebody is/was hurt, why wasn’t DaJuan Morgan out there?

Tamba Hali: I didn’t see Tamba do too much this game. He was defiantly outplayed by Turk McBride and left me wanting more.

Hopefully we can fix some of these things and come back next week and take it out the Raiders.

Go Chiefs!

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