LJ wants out of KC? Who gives a rats…

Word from the KC Star is that LJ wants out of KC.

My response: Whip-dee-do…

LJ, if you want out of KC so bad then get out man. I have defended Larry Johnson for while but I have grown tired of him and this last outburst may have done it for me.

“Hopefully, my future is not with this organization,” Johnson said after rushing 10 times for 18 yards.

LJ may be the best RB on the KC roster, but as it has been proven in the NFL you can succend with without a star running back. Running back by committee has worked very well for many teams recently (including the Super Bowl Champion Giants).

If you look at the teams in the playoffs this season, espescially those that willl most likely move on,  most of them have good QB play, a strong (or atleast opportunistic) defense, and more than one capibale running back.

For now, I can be content with Jamaal Charles and Kolby Smith. Although I would think if LJ is out the Chiefs would look at picking up another RB either through free agency or the draft.

So LJ, we have all had enough. Go ahead, pack your things and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. As far as I am concerned if a player doesn’t want to be on the team then get him out of there. If the Chiefs truley want to build a contender (ala NE or NYG) they need to also show that no player is bigger than the TEAM.

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