Chiefs Cut Eight Players Including T Damion McIntosh

WIth the big cut day looming the Chiefs released eight players on Friday, including former starting RT Damion McIntosh.

Here are the list of players with some of my thoughts following.


  • T Damion McIntosh – Is anyone really that surprised? I’m not.
  • T Herb Taylor – I am honestly more surprised about this cut than McIntosh. Just shows that Haley and Pioli only care about what you can do for me, not what you have done.
  • G Tavares Washington – Think he was injured in camp but I never really heard his name mentioned much in reports from River Falls.
  • C Eric Ghiaciuc – Former starting center for the Bengals couldn’t beat out Rudy Niswanger who hasn’t been all that impressive himself. Enough said.
  • FB Jed Collins – I barely heard this guys name called this preseason. I think we all knew Mike Cox was the guy.


  • CB Travis Daniels – Signed during the offseason and didn’t do enough to stand out.
  • CB Londen Fryar – Didn’t do enough in camp to make the team. Chiefs are deep at CB though so this was already an uphill battle.
  • ILB Corey Smith – Not a surprise here. Chiefs have a lot of decisions to make at LB and he obviously was not a good fit and didn’t do enough to make the cut..

So now that is 8 players cut with 14 more to go.  Who do you think is next?

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