Chiefs have signed somebody, but who?

So the Kansas City Chiefs have apparently signed someone that is worth having a news conference over.

The Chiefs have signed somebody, but right now it’s a mystery | Red Zone.

The Chiefs have scheduled a 4:30 p.m. news conference today to announce the signing of a player. In keeping with the team’s offseason theme, that player’s identity for now remains a secret.

We all know the Chiefs have a lot of needs, with offensive line, wide reciever, linebacker, and pass rusher being amoung the more pressing. To me this would sugguest players such as Orlando Pace, Torry Holt, maybe Bobby Engram.  Also, Jason Taylor is still out on the market I believe.

So, what do you think Chiefs fans?  Who will the Chiefs annouce as the newest member of their team?  My money would be on Pace.

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