Chiefs Training Camp Update: 8-3-09 AM

So here is day 3 of training camp already and here is the summery of this mornings practice:  Oh, there was a special guest this mornings practice as well…

Updates from Josh Looney

Via Twitter:

  • Outdoors it is, full pads…McIntosh is back today.
  • Many high level conversations going on up here with @mitchholthus & gammon
  • Play of the day comes from a one handed diving grab via te sean ryan. Haley praised the play post practice.

Via Acces Training Camp Blog

  • The Chiefs have a variety of different style runners in their backfield and those styles come to light when the club practices half-line drills (C, G, T, RB, QB, 2 DL, LB). RBs like Larry Johnson and Jackie Battle power their way through holes, while RBs like Jamaal Chalres and Dantrell Savage display impressive speed and agility through the line of scrimmage.
  • P Dustin Colquitt is “the leg.” K Ryan Succop has yet to be nicknamed. He may need one soon. Succop hits kicks from 39, 42 and 44 yards with LOTS of room to spare. Any ideas?
  • LB Mike Vrabel took some extra time yesterday to work on pass rush moves with defensive line coach Tim Krumrie. The work seems to have paid off as Vrabel look impressive on several one-on-one rush drills against the offensive tackles.
  • Highlights from today’s 11-v-11 period:
    • RB Javarris Williams had a nice blitz pickup that allowed QB Matt Cassel to avoid a pass rush to find a diving TE Sean Ryan down the right sideline. Ryan pulled it in over his shoulder one-handed.
    • S John McGraw drew praise from Coach Haley for his break on a corner route that resulted in a PBU. The ball was nearly picked off.
    • CB Brandon Flowers had excellent one-on-one coverage guarding WR Dwayne Bowe on a deep route down the right sideline.
    • DT Tank Tyler made a number of nice plays in stopping the run game when the offense was backed up near their own goal line.

Updates from Mitch Holthus:

  • Best play of camp so far…team backed up at own one…Javarris Williams picks up blitzing Pollard..Cassel finds Sean Ryan TE first down.
  • I love it when RBs want to pass black..saved a safety today!
  • Defense had its moments too…Tank Tyler is doing some good things…3-4 defense is sometimes like entertainers..its all about the nose.
  • Kent Babb of the Star near the big hot dog van reminded me of Jeff Daniels on Dumb and Dumber…there is no Hy-Vee here,its killing me..
  • Pass block!

Updates from Bob Gretz @ CBS Sports

  • After Chiefs LT Branden Albert jumped offsides in a drill, he was yanked from the line and sent on a punishment run. Barry Richardson replaced him.
  • In a running game drill, OLB Tamba Hali leveled pulling guard Mike Goff. The collision could be heard on all three practice fields.
  • K Ryan Succop was 3 of 4 on FGs in Chiefs practice, hitting the left upright from 35 yards and making kicks from 39, 42 and 44 yards.
  • Chiefs rookie LB Jovan Belcher is showing a strong pass rush. On one play, he knocked over RT Damion McIntosh.
  • With the Chiefs down to two TEs, Sean Ryan is taking advantage of the opportunity. He had a nice catch on a play where QB Matt Cassel was flushed from the pocket.
  • Chiefs coach Todd Haley on Monday’s morning practice: “This is generally when everybody is a little bit sore and feeling a little bit sorry for themselves, but I thought we pushed through OK. This afternoon will be very telling about how we are doing.”
  • After practice, Chiefs coach Todd Haley wouldn’t address the absence of TEs Brad Cottam and Tony Curtis. “I’ll only talk about the players who are practicing,” Haley said

And lastely but definitly not least, updates from the UW-RF Staff:

  • The Jugs machines were once again firing at the beginning of practice. Drops have been a recurring problem in the first three practices.Today, there were four notable drops to report. Wide receivers Quinten Lawrence, Bobby Engram, Jeff Webb and Taurus Johnson each had drops during 1-0 drills. After Webb’s drop Head Coach Todd Haley yelled, “Catch the ball against air, please!”
  • Tackle Damion McIntosh was in full pads for the first time this season. McIntosh jumped right back in with the first-string. Head Coach Todd Haley commented later that is was good to have McIntosh back in pads. “He is working hard on his body,” Haley said. McIntosh had a huge pancake block of defensive end Alfonso Boone in 2-on-1 blocking.
  • Tight end Sean Ryan got some extra opportunities with the absences of Brad Cottam and Tony Curtis and made the most of it. Ryan made a spectacular, twisting sideline catch on a ball thrown by quarterback Matt Cassel. Head Coach Todd Haley commented on the catch later saying, “I thought that was a tremendous catch in traffic.”
  • During the team’s 11-on-11 drill toward the end of practice, running back Jackie Battle had the ball knocked away from him after the whistle was blown. Head Coach Todd Haley screamed at Battle for the lack of focus. “Hold onto the football. You protect that thing all the way back to the huddle!” Haley shouted. Haley talked about the situation later in his press conference. “Those offensive guys have to protect the football at all times [like their life depends on it]. I am blowing the whistle for the defense.”
  • Rookie defensive end Alex Magee continued to see time with the first-string, as he has been all of training camp thus far.
  • After a drill, linebacker Mike Vrabel, a 13-year veteran, was showing two-year linebacker Andy Studebaker how he should be using his arms during the drill. As the two walked away, joining the rest of the linebackers on field 1, Studebaker patted Vrabel on the back.
  • A session with the defensive lineman and the offensive lineman, running a 2-on-1 blocking drill was dominated by the defense. The stand-out of the drill was defensive end Alex Magee. Magee destroyed offensive linemen Mike Goff and Wade Smith on separate occasions. Linebackers Mike Vrabel and Tamba Hali were present for half the drill. Hali made an athletic move to shoot to the inside of Barry Richardson without being touched.

Todd Haley Press Conference

  • Head Coach Todd Haley opened his daily press conference with a statement, saying practice was alright. “I thought it went OK. This is the point in training camp where everyone is a little sore, but I thought we pushed through well,” he said. Haley was wearing a Dallas Texans hat. The Chiefs came into the league as the Texans and will wear the old jerseys for three games this season.Haley was asked to comment on the progression of fifth-round pick offensive tackle Colin Brown. Haley said that Brown was learning on the run. “He dropped a bunch of weight to give himself a chance to compete, so he probably is feeling a little light and not as strong.” Haley was then asked what he thought of the line as whole. “I am encouraged by what I am seeing. It’s only day three and way too early to make evaluations, but I like what I see so far,” Haley said.

    Haley was adamant that his team must create some havoc in the backfield. “Whether that is to lead the league in sacks or just create some chaos in the back there, it has to happen, in my opinion, to play the kind of defense we want to play.”

    Haley was asked about how sleep his schedule is going so far at camp. “I was thinking about that this morning. In the summertime if I didn’t get eight hours, I was exhausted, but you get to training camp and for some reason, sleep isn’t as important. You wake up and find a way everyday.”  Haley did say he is getting about four to five hours of sleep a night.

And thee you have it.  Have a great Monday Chiefs fans!  Go Chiefs!

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