Open Letter to Coach Belichick

Dear Coach Belichick,

Please bench Tom Brady this week.

I think it would be in the best interest of a lot of people if you didn’t play him and let him rest this week. It is being reported that Brady has a cracked bone in his foot and if that is true it will only take one 300 pound linemen (offensive or defensive) to step on that to keep him out for a lot longer than he would be otherwise.

Yes, as a Chiefs’ fan I would absolutely LOVE to see Matt Cassel under center this Sunday, but from a Patriots perspective there a multiple reasons to keep Brady out.

  • Playing Brady now before he is fully healed is risking further injury. Even if you win week 1 because Brady played it won’t make up for not having him weeks 2 – 17.
  • If Brady is hurt does he really give your team the best chance to win? Okay, judging by the preseason the answer to this may still be yes, but in general most people would agree that playing an injured player could hurt the team more than it helps.
  • If you don’t play him and lose, you already have that out of the way: Since you are returning most of the players that you went 16-0 with last year expectations are very high for this year. While no one likes losing it might be better to just “get one out of the way” so to speak. You can say what you want, but everyone knows the players feel added pressure to keep wining and possibly go undefeated again.
  • Brady is a marked man: There is absolutely no way the other 31 NFL teams want the Patriots to repeat their perfect 16-0 regular season. Therefore it would make sense that Brady will be paid special attention to, and possibly blitzed with the same ferocity the New York Giants did when they upset the Pats in the Super Bowl. That doesn’t sound like something someone with a cracked bone in their foot would want to go through.

So as you can see there are many reason that Tom Brady should not even sniff a jock strap this Sunday, but the question is, will you stop him from suiting up? I am aware that he has started quite a few games in a row and that his streak would be snapped, but is that really worth risking further injury? All it takes is one play to screw up a season.

Please take this into consideration this Sunday Coach.

Good luck not going 16-0 this year and I hope you don’t even sniff the Super Bowl… we are all tired of hearing about you and your team. Good day.


Chiefs Fans everywhere (along with the fans of every other 30 NFL teams)

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