Preseason Game 3 – What I’m looking for

Hey all, I know it has been a WHILE since I posted on here but I figure with the season almost in full swing I really need to step my game up. So, here are some things I am looking for tonight when I attend preseason game #3: Chiefs vs Eagles.

New Arrowhead: This will be m y first time going to the new Arrowhead since it has been completed and I am really looking forward to seeing all of the changes. Since I am just your average, run of the mill season ticket holder I will probably not get to see some of the VIP areas (which is why I was sad I couldn’t make it Wednesday night to the open practice at Arrowhead) but it should be awesome nonetheless.

Chiefs Offense: The Eagles are no slouch. In fact their defense could be one of the better defense’s in the league (at worst they are in the top half) so this should be a very good test for Matt Cassel and the Chiefs’ offense. I would like to see two touchdowns from the first team this week along with a new high mark in total points scored. By the way, this will be no easy task as the first team defense for the Eagles has only allowed one TD so far this preseason.

Defensive Line Rotation: It will be very interesting to me to see if the Tyson Jackson vs Wallace Gilberry debate is just a motivational tactic by Haley or if Gilberry really is working his way to more playing time. We probably won’t know the true answer to this until after we get into the season (if ever) but either way I like it.  Also, younger players such as Lokey and Magee may be playing for their roster life so I am interested to see what opportunities they are given tonight.

Dexter McCluster/Javier Arenas: These two rookies are being so hyped up it makes you wonder if they will be able to live up to it. I don’t expect either to come out and take over the game tonight, but I would like to get just a little taste of what I can expect this season from these two. Hopefully they leave me licking my chops for the regular season like I do when I stand in line waiting for my Z-man at Oklahoma Joes…

Well, those are a few of things I will be keeping an eye on tonight, what will you be watching for?

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